There are 2 types of delivery options that we offer:

Regular AirMail:

  • Delivery to the USA takes 9-14 days to almost any location
  • Trackable
  • Shipping cost: 20.00 USD
  • Delivery to EU: 40.00 USD

EMS Courier shipping:

EMS Courier
  • Delivery takes 7-10 days
  • Trackable
  • Shipping cost: 90.00 USD

We split big parcels (>50 boxes of medicines) into several parts. Anyway, you pay for shipping just once.

Contact us if you need other methods.

90 thoughts on “Delivery

    1. Hello, Georg,
      Yes we do ship to Netherlands, expedited shipping time is 9-10 days,
      thank you, contact us with any additional questions.
      Shipping price is 15 usd.

      1. Добрый день! В данное время, осуществляется доставка лекарств в США? И сколько времени занимает приблизительно? Спасибо

        1. Добрый!
          Да, отправка раьботает в штатном режиме. Занимает +- 20 дней.

  1. Hi do you ignore everyone’s emails? Do you just take the Bitcoin and either not instruct as to what went wrong or keep it and not ship the order? I’m curious you promptly responded at first then after the payment nothing. What is up with that is this just a scam operation?

    1. Hello, Joe,
      Operating hours are 08:00-22:00 (GMT +3) so your order was received successfully and is now being processed,

  2. I want to say Great thanks for the team.. Absolute professionals. Thank you once again to all from the team. I will use your services again and again

  3. Good day
    Do you ship to South Africa? I prefer courier to ensure it arrives. Is there a maximum amount of boxes (e.g. essentiale N ampoules) that can be sent per parcel?
    Thank you

    1. Hello, Ruane
      Yes we ship to SA, express delivery is also possible,
      We can ship up to 40 boxes in one parcel. I will duplicate this message to your email,

  4. Hi, do you ship to India? Also, how do you ensure drops are kept at t ° below 15° during shipping, as should be, according to instruction? Thank you.

  5. Hello, Vlad, please email us (check email on contact page) – we are ready to supply one box for 60 caps for free.

  6. Hello!Can you deliver Glyoxal comp 2,2 ml ,to Minsk,Belarus ?We really need this medicine. Thank you in advance for your replay

    1. Hello, Joanna,
      Yes we ship to Poland, please check the shipping price to your location on checkout page,


  7. Hello do you ship to Mexico City? Please can you tell me the price? Also the time approximately to receive? thanks.

    1. Hello, Svetlana, Yes, we can ship there.
      Please note that in current logistic situation delivery may take up to 4 weeks.

  8. Karin, Do you post to the UK and what is the cost.
    What is your preferred payment method?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hello, Tim,
      Yes, we post to UK without issues, PayPal is fine, we also accept Bank Transfer, VISA/MC through WU, Crypto.

    1. Hello, Mira,
      Yes we have it in stock now,
      Delivery to the USA costs 20 USD,

      As well as to any other direction,

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