Where do you ship from:
We ship from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, depending on final destination.

What is the shipping cost?
We charge 20 usd for any parcel of any volume to any country.

Do you require a prescription?
No, you can order anything without prescription. 

What is approximate delivery time?
USA, Canada: 7-12 days
Europe: 7-10 days
Asia: 11-14 days
Australia: 14-20 days
Africa: 14-20 days

How do you ship temperature-sensitive items?
We use special wrap and cold-keeping elements.

How can I be sure that you will ship?
We accept PayPal payments, where all transfers are reversible.

How do you handle bulk orders?
We divide total order into several parcels.

Are my orders a subject to customs clearance?
Some countries, like Germany, Italy and Norway may require customs clearance (approximately 30% chances).

Do you accept returns?
Yes, we accept returns of unopened products within 90 days.

What are expiry dates of products?
We strive to keep it not less than 1,5 years.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions.