Alaktin (Cabergoline) tablets 0.5 mg. №2 vial


Manufacturer: CzechRepublic



inhibition / inhibition of physiological lactation
 Alactin is prescribed for the purpose of inhibiting physiological postpartum lactation immediately after delivery or for the suppression of lactation that is established in the following cases:
 after childbirth if the mother has decided not to breast-feed or when breast-feeding is contraindicated for mother or baby for medical reasons;
 after the birth of a dead fetus or after an abortion.
 Cabergoline inhibits / inhibits physiological lactation by inhibiting prolactin secretion. In controlled clinical studies, a single dose of cabergoline at a dose of 1 mg on the first day after delivery was effective in inhibiting milk secretion, as well as in swelling of breasts and pain in 70-90% of women. Fewer than 5% of women experienced a recurrence of symptoms in their breasts in the third week after delivery (which was usually mild in severity).
 Suppression of milk secretion and relief from breast swelling and chest pain were observed in approximately 85% of women during lactation when administered with a total dose of 4 mg cabergoline for two days. Breastfeeding cases in 10 days are infrequent (approximately 2% of cases)