Alfa D3-TEVA (alfacalcidol) capsules 0.5 mcg. №30


Manufacturer: Austria



Postmenopausal osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis associated with glucocorticoid treatment.
Softening of the bones in old age (osteomalacia) as a result of insufficient absorption, for example in the case of malabsorption and post-gastrectomy syndrome.
In order to significantly reduce the incidence of falls among older people.
With hypoparathyroidism or hypophosphatemic (vitamin D-resistant) rickets / osteomalacia, additional therapy with Alpha D3-Teva may be indicated if the plasma calcium level is less than 2.2 mmol / l.
Diseases accompanied by impaired 1-alpha-hydroxylation in the kidneys, which in turn lead to impaired vitamin D metabolism (for example: renal osteodystrophy with a decrease in calcium absorption and plasma calcium levels less than 2.2 mmol / l (less than 8.8 mg / 100 ml), which can occur as a result of impaired renal function (with or without dialysis), as well as at the beginning of the condition after kidney transplantation).