Aminazin (chlorpromazine) coated tablets 0.1g. №10


Manufacturer: Ukraine



Adults. Chronic paranoid and hallucinatory-paranoid states, states of psychomotor arousal in schizophrenia (hallucinatory-frenetic, hebefrenic, catatonic syndromes), alcoholic psychosis, manic arousal in manic-depressive psychosis, psychileptic disorders and psychitosis depressive psychosis, as well as other diseases accompanied by arousal, tension; neurological diseases accompanied by increased muscle tone; Meniere’s disease, vomiting, treatment and prevention of vomiting in the treatment of antitumor agents and in radiation therapy; protracted hiccups; itching dermatoses; as part of complex therapy: persistent pain, including causalgia (in combination with analgesics), sleep disturbance of a persistent nature (in combination with sleeping pills and tranquilizers).
Children. Schizophrenia, autism.