Aqua Maris (Isotonic sterile roschin of marine waters) nasal spray 150 ml. №1


Manufacturer: Ukraine



the permission of the mucous membranes of the nose in the minds of dry repeat, persons who need to live and practice with those who are in need of air conditioning and / or the central scars, by the way of preserving the physical characteristics of the slimy shell of the osmosis;
for people who have a mucous membrane of empty nose and upper daredevils;
cleansed mucous membranes of the nose vid saw, allergen;
prophylaxis of infectious nasal emptiness during the winter-winter period;
change of dry mucous membrane of the nose.
Yak an additional zasib at lykuvannі:
gostrich and chronic firing processes and nasopharynx congestion, sinuses and nasal empty nasal cavities;
infectious nasal congestion of the nose and nasopharynx during the winter-winter period (GRZ, GDVI and congestion);
hypertrophy and severity of adenitis in children;
allergic seasonal abo tslororichnogo rinіtu, vasomotor rinitu;
for preparation, an introduction to the nose of the nose of the lobster catastrophes is introduced by the method of polyphony;
in the period of operation and maintenance in the nose.