Armadin (mexidol) Long tablets with prolonged release 500 mg. №40 vial


Manufacturer: Ukraine



Inserts of gostroy destruction of cerebral blood circulation;
neurotic and neurosis, become symptoms of tricorne;
neurocirculatory dystonia;
mild cognitive care of the genesis (in case of psycho-organic syndrome and asthenic impairment, clouding of hospitality and chronic impairment of cerebral blood flow, craniocerebral injuries, neuroinfection and toxicity, senes);
encephalopathy of genesis (discirculatory, dysmetabolic, post-traumatic, winter);
traumatic brain injury, trauma of craniocerebral trauma;
impaired memory’s and intellectual deficiency in people of the whole world;
asthenichny camp, an influx of extreme (stress) factors;
Ischemic heartworm (at the warehouse of complex therapy);
withdrawal syndrome in alcoholism with re-education of neurosis and neurocirculatory collapse;
become anti-psychotropic obstruction.