Canavit (Vitamin K1) solution for injections 10 mg/ml. ampoules 1ml. N5


Manufacturer: Slovakia



Prevention and treatment of bleeding caused by decreased blood clotting caused by hypovitaminosis or avitaminosis K, as well as inhibition of blood coagulation factors II, VII, IX and X of different etiology.
Hemorrhagic complications in the treatment of indirect coumarin type anticoagulants (such as, for example, warfarin).
Hypocoagulation after prolonged obstruction of the biliary tract and in the early stages of cirrhosis. Intestinal diseases associated with impaired absorption after prolonged treatment with antibiotics, sulfonamides and salicylates.
Hemorrhagic phenomena in newborns, uterine bleeding.
For preventative purposes before delivery for protection of mother and newborn from bleeding, treatment of bleeding in newborns.
In surgery for long-term biliary drainage and preoperative preparation of patients with reduced blood clotting.