Decasan solution 0.02% 100 ml. vial


Manufacturer: Ukraine



Treatment of pustular bacterial and fungal skin diseases, microbial eczema, purulent-inflammatory soft tissue lesions (abscesses, carbuncles, phlegmons, boils, purulent wounds, panaritium). Dental diseases (stomatitis, ulcerative-necrotic gingivitis, dystrophic-inflammatory form of periodontal disease of I-II degree in the acute stage). It is also indicated for lung abscess, bronchiectasis, cystic hypoplasia of the lungs, complicated by suppuration, chronic bronchitis in the acute phase, chronic tonsillitis, angina, carrier of staphylococci and diphtheria bacilli, ulcerative colitis, paraproctitis. In gynecological practice – for the treatment of candidiasis of the vaginal mucosa, inflammatory diseases of the genitals of microbial origin, prenatal sanitation of the birth canal, treatment of postpartum endometritis. Purulent-inflammatory diseases of the abdominal and pleural cavities. For hygienic disinfection of the skin of the hands of medical staff and rubber gloves during the examination of patients and performing medical manipulations and minor surgical procedures, pre-sterilization disinfection of medical instruments and diagnostics