Dezaminooxitocin (demoxytocinum) tablets 50 IU №10


Manufacturer: Ukraine



To excite and strengthen labor activity in its primary and secondary weakness. To stimulate lactation in the postpartum period. Contraindication. Hypersensitivity to demoxytocin and / or to any excipient of the drug. Hypertonic contractions of the uterus, mechanical damage to the reproductive tract, fetal hypoxia, intrauterine fetal death. The size mismatch of the pelvis and fetus, transverse or oblique fetal position, placenta previa or umbilical cord vessels, placental abruption, prolapse of umbilical cord, threatening rupture of the uterus due to the large number of pregnancies, the stretching of the uterus (multiple pregnancy, palsgrave), invasive carcinoma of the cervix, polyhydramnios, a large number of pregnancies and the presence of scarring on the uterine wall surgery, including caesarean section. The drug can not be used for a long time in severe preeclamptic toxicosis and severe heart and vascular diseases, as well as in the case of an inert uterus (resistance to demoxytocin/oxytocin).