Dioflan (heparin) coated tablets 500 mg. №60


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Treatment of diseases of the superficial veins, such as varicose veins and related complications, phlebothrombosis, thrombophlebitis, superficial periflebitis. Postoperative varicose phlebitis, complications after surgical removal of subcutaneous veins of the lower extremities. Injuries and bruises, infiltrates and localized edema, subcutaneous hematomas. Injuries and sprains of muscle-tendon and capsular ligament structures.



Dioflan №60 Composition
active ingredients: diosmin, hesperidin;

1 tablet contains purified micronized flavonoid fraction – 500 mg, which contains diosmin – 450 mg, hesperidin * – 50 mg;

* – under the name “hesperidin” is meant a mixture of flavonoids: isoroifolin, hesperidin, linarin, diosmethine;

Dioflan №60 excipients: microcrystalline cellulose sodium starch (type A); hypromellose; talc sodium lauryl sulfate; magnesium stearate mixture for coating “Opaglos 2 Orange” No. 97A23967 contains sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, maltodextrin, glucose monohydrate, titanium dioxide (E 171), purified stearic acid, talc, iron oxide yellow (E172), iron oxide red (E172), yellow sunset FCF (E 110).

Dioflan №60 Dosage form
Film-coated tablets.

Basic physical and chemical properties: film-coated tablets, pale pink, oval in shape, with a chamfer, with a notch on one side of the tablet and the inscription “KMP” on the other side. A beige core is visible on the fault.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Capillary stabilizing agents. Bioflavonoids. Diosmin, combinations. ATX code С05С A53.

Dioflan has a venotonic and angioprotective effect, increases venous tone, reduces venous distensibility and venostasis, improves microcirculation, reduces capillary permeability and increases their resistance, improves lymphatic drainage, increasing lymphatic outflow. The drug also reduces the interaction of leukocytes and endothelium, adhesion of leukocytes in postcapillary venules. This reduces the damaging effect of inflammatory mediators on the vein walls and vein valve cusps.

The half-life is 11 hours. The excretion of the active substance occurs mainly through the intestines. An average of 14% of the dose is excreted through the urine.

Symptomatic treatment of venolymphatic insufficiency (heaviness in the legs, pain, swelling).

Symptomatic treatment of hemorrhoids.

Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Interaction with other medicinal products and other types of interactions
Interaction studies have not been conducted. There are no data on cases of interaction.

Application features
The use of this drug for acute hemorrhoids does not replace specific treatment and does not interfere with the treatment of other proctological diseases. If, during a short course of treatment, the symptoms do not disappear quickly, a proctological examination should be carried out and the therapy should be revised.

In case of venous circulation disorders, effective treatment is provided by a combination of therapy in compliance with the following lifestyle recommendations:

avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, prolonged stay on your feet, overweight;
walking and in some cases wearing special stockings to improve blood circulation.
The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving or operating machinery
The drug does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and work with mechanisms. In case of signs of side effects of the drug (see Section “Adverse Reactions”), you must be careful.

Use during pregnancy or lactation
For pregnant women, the drug should be used with caution. Before use, consult a doctor.

Studies have shown no teratogenic effects of diosmin and hesperidin, and no side effects have been reported.

Due to the lack of data on the penetration of the drug into breast milk, the use of the drug during breastfeeding should be avoided. Reproductive toxicity studies have shown no effect of diosmin and hesperidin on fertility in rats.

Method of administration and dosage
For oral administration.

Administer to adults.

Treatment of venolymphatic insufficiency (symptoms: swelling, pain, heaviness in the legs, night cramps, trophic ulcers, lymphedema).

The recommended dose is 2 tablets per day, 1 tablet – during the day and 1 tablet – in the evening, with meals. After a week of use, you can use 2 tablets per day, once with meals.

Treatment of chronic hemorrhoids. 2 tablets per day (in two divided doses) with meals. After a week of use, you can use 2 tablets per day, once with meals.

Treatment of acute hemorrhoids. 6 tablets per day for 4 days, then 4 tablets per day for the next 3 days. Apply with meals. Divide the daily number of tablets into 2-3 doses.

A course of treatment. The duration of treatment depends on the indications for use and the course of the disease. The average duration of treatment is 2-3 months.

There are no data on the use of the drug in children.