Disport powder for solution for injections 500 IU vial №1


Manufacturer: Poland



Dysport is intended for the symptomatic treatment of focal spasticity: upper extremities in adults, of the lower extremities in adults with lesions of the ankle joint after stroke or traumatic brain injury dynamic equinus deformity of the foot in children aged 2 yEars and Nose and older with cerebral palsy, therapy is carried out in specialized medical institutions. Dysport is intended for symptomatic treatment in adults spastic torticollis; blepharospasm’s; hemifacial spasm; primary hyperhidrosis of the armpits of severe degree, does not respond to the use of topical antiperspirant and antihydrotic agents. Dysport is intended for temporary improvement of moderate or severe form: globulyarnykh wrinkles (vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows) with a maximum of naseleni and / or lateral periorbital wrinkles ( “crow’s feet”) with maximum smile in adults under the age of 65, when the sharp severity of these wrinkles has a strong psychological impact on the patient.