Driclor solution 20 ml.


Manufacturer: France

Driclor solution specifically designed to treat people with excessive sweating. It acts in such a way that when applied, a gel-like substance is formed in the sweat glands, which reduces and ultimately stops the release of sweat. Excess sweat is reabsorbed by the body and excreted naturally. When using the drug for only a few weeks, the increased sweating disappEars and Nose, and the patient feels dry and fresh. Dricklor solution is suitable for all skin types and for those who use traditional antiperspirant is insufficient.



Driclor Composition
Alcohol, aluminum chloride, water.

Driclor Indications
Driklor razchin special breakdowns for the liking of people with advancing sweat. Win dіє in such a rank, when applied, in sweat-like vines, a gel-like speech is established, as it lowers, in a red rakhunka, pinching up a visible sweat.

Surplus sweat is reabsorbed by til and vivodit natural rank. When the drug is vikorstannі stretching all the decіlkoh tіzhnіv pіdvischіvі pіvischennya znakє, and the patient witnesses dryness and freshness.

Driklor rozchin is suitable for all types of children and for those who are quiet, who have a lack of traditional anti-perspirant.

Driclor Contraindications
Do not zastosovate Driklor rozchin, if you have an allergy to any component of the drug.

Driklor razchin can be wicked at the time of writing and teasing. As soon as it delivers you lack of handiness, I will break in the preparation for as long as an hour. It’s not worth helping, for it’s okay to do it, to attach a vicarious product to it, and it’s going to be brutalized to your friend for joy.

Even more importantly, follow the instructions on how to fix the drug for an hour.

Do not apply Driclor on wet, traumatized, sensitive, teased shkіr or after a recent shinny procedure.

Uniquely contact your contacts.

Driklor can be covered with beaches on the fabric, re-fit, the deodorant will increase, the perspiration should not be worn.

Unique contact with jewelery virobs and glossy metal surfaces

Tilki for the most inviting stash.

Method of administration and dosage
Put the dance on a flat surface, gently twist the crumb and add it.
Insert the roller bag into the collar of the dance and press down slightly.
Shilno screw a great kryshka for the captor of the roller bag.
Kerіvnitstvo before the victorian is an important memory:

To hang up the area of ​​the application before storing, in addition, it can be used to decorate;
Vikoristovyte 1 time a day, more beautifully for nothing, if you sweat the most active;
Vrantzit the halls of Driklor and pick your own special deodorant.
Write for a stretch of 1-2 tendencies and remember the sutta for a polish.

As long as you are not turbulent throughout the day, you can change the number of applications.