Edem Rino (desloratadine) nasal spray 10 ml. №1 vial


Manufacturer: Ukraine

The drug is indicated to eliminate such Allergy symptoms: sneezing, rhinitis, mucosal edema and nasal congestion; lacrimation, redness of the conjunctiva of the eye; urticaria.



Edem Rino Storage
active substances: phenylephrine, dimethindene maleate;

1 ml of the drug contains phenylephrine 2.5 mg, dimethindene maleate 0.25 mg;

Edem Rino excipients: benzalkonium chloride; lavender extract; sorbitol (E 420); citric acid, monohydrate; sodium hydrogen phosphate, dodecahydrate; water for injections.

Edem Rino Dosage form
Nasal spray, solution.

Main physical and chemical properties: clear colorless or slightly yellowish liquid with a faint scent of lavender.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Anti-edema and other rhinological drugs for topical use. Sympathomimetics, combinations, except corticosteroids. Code ATX R01A B.

Pharmacological properties


Edem® Reno is a combination drug that contains phenylephrine and dimethindene.

The drug reduces nasal secretions and helps to clean the nasal passages, without violating the physiological functions of the ciliated epithelium and nasal mucosa.

Phenylephrine belongs to the sympathomimetic amines. It is used as a nasal decongestant with a moderate vasoconstrictive effect, selectively stimulates α1-adrenergic receptors of the cavernous venous tissue of the nasal mucosa, thus quickly and permanently eliminating swelling of the nasal mucosa and its paranasal sinuses.

Dimethindene is an antagonist of histamine H1-receptors, has an antiallergic effect. Effective when used in low doses, well tolerated.

Edem® Reno is applied topically, so its activity does not correlate with the concentration of active substances in blood plasma.


With accidental oral administration, the bioavailability of phenylephrine decreased to approximately 38%, the half-life was about 2.5 hours.

The systemic bioavailability of dimethindene after oral administration in solution is about 70%, the half-life is about 6 hours.

In adults and children over 6 years:

symptomatic treatment of colds, nasal congestion, acute and chronic rhinitis, seasonal (hay fever) and non-seasonal allergic rhinitis, acute and chronic sinusitis, vasomotor rhinitis. Adjuvant therapy for acute otitis media.

Preparation for surgery in the nasal area, elimination of edema of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses after surgery.

Hypersensitivity to phenylephrine, dimethindene maleate or to any of the excipients.

Due to the content of phenylephrine, the drug, like other vasoconstrictors, is contraindicated in atrophic rhinitis, angle-closure glaucoma, as well as patients taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) or taking them for the previous 14 days.