Edenorm eye drops 8 ml. vial


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Treatment of corneal edema in: surgical interventions (cataract, FRC, vitrectomy, keratoplasty, crosslinking); stromal keratitis; diagnostic procedures (gonioscopy, biomicroscopy); endothelial dystrophy of the cornea; bullous keratopathy; acute attack of glaucoma; using contact lenses.



Edenorm Composition
Composition per 100 ml: colidon 12 PF (polyvinylpyrrolidone K12) 1.67 g, polyethylene glycol PEG 0.5 g, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate 0.75 g, microglycine 50 (hydroxymethylglycinate) 0.004 g, sodium EDTA 0.1 g, 2- hydroxyethyl cellulose 0.45 g, sodium chloride 5.0-5.283 g, lutrol F68 poloxamer 188 (polyoxyethylene) 0.02 g, purified water.

Edenorm Description
Eye drops EDENORM 5% – liquid for use in ophthalmology with decongestant, antibacterial action.

Edenorm Indications
Manipulations, diagnostic and surgical interventions in the anterior segment of the eye: crosslinking, phacoemulsification, vitrectomy, keratoplasty, etc. (anti-edematous action, antibacterial action, stabilization of the tear film).

Degenerative changes in the cornea: keratoconus, keratoglobus, etc. (anti-edema effect, tear film stabilization, antioxidant effect).

Dystrophic changes in the cornea: epithelial endothelial corneal dystrophy, bullous keratopathy, etc. (anti-edema effect, tear film stabilization, antioxidant effect).

Before and after keratorefractive surgery: photorefractive keratotomy, LASIK, etc. (anti-edematous action, antibacterial action, antioxidant action).

Eye trauma (anti-edema, antibacterial, antioxidant).

Prolonged use of contact lenses (anti-edema effect, tear film stabilization, antioxidant effect).

Acute attack of glaucoma (anti-edema effect, stabilization of the tear film, antioxidant effect).

Shelf life
2 years.

Do not use 30 days after opening the bottle.

Do not use after the expiration date.

Storage conditions
Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C out of the reach of children.

Eye drops in a bottle of 8 ml, 1 bottle per package.