Efizol (metronidazole) lozenges №20


Manufacturer: Slovenia

Local antiseptic treatment of inflammatory processes of the oral cavity and throat caused by pathogens sensitive to the drug (catarrhal, ulcerative, fibrous gingivitis, stomatitis, candidiasis (thrush), pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and glossitis). In the complex treatment of more severe throat infections in combination with antibiotics and sulfonamides. Prevention of infections before and after surgery in the mouth and throat.



Efizol Composition
active substance: metronidazole;

1 tablet contains metronidazole, in terms of 100% metronidazole content 250 mg

potato starch, calcium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, povidone.

Efizol Indications.
Infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to the drug: amebiasis; urogenital trichomoniasis; nonspecific vaginitis; giardiasis; surgical infections caused by anaerobic microorganisms sensitive to metronidazole. As a replacement for intravenous treatment of infections caused by anaerobic microorganisms sensitive to metronidazole.

Efizol Contraindications
Hypersensitivity to metronidazole or to drugs of the imidazole group, as well as to other components of the drug. – children under 6 years of age (due to the dosage form) (see section “Peculiarities of use”).

Method of administration and dosage.
With amebiasis, take metronidazole continuously for 7 days. Adults 1.5 g per day, that is, 500 mg (2 tablets) 3 times a day.

Children over 6 years old: 30-40 mg / kg of body weight per day in 3 divided doses.

In case of liver abscess with amebiasis, drainage or aspiration of pus should be carried out simultaneously with metronidazole therapy.

Giardiasis is treated within 5 days. For adults, appoint 750 mg-1 g of metronidazole per day. Children 6-10 years old – 375 mg / day, 10-15 years old – 500 mg per day. To achieve the prescribed dosage, use metronidazole in the appropriate dosage or other dosage forms.

With trichomoniasis in women (urethritis and vaginitis caused by Trichomonas), metronidazole is prescribed for a course of treatment for 10 days, combining 250 mg (1 tablet) 2 times a day and 1 vaginal suppository (500 mg) per day. The sexual partner should be treated at the same time, despite the presence or absence of clinical signs of Trichomonas infection, even if the laboratory test result is negative.

With trichomoniasis in men (urethritis caused by Trichomonas), metronidazole should be prescribed for a course of treatment for 10 days: 250 mg (1 tablet) 2 times a day.

In exceptional cases, it may be necessary to increase the daily dose to 750 mg or 1 g.

For nonspecific vaginitis, prescribe 500 mg (2 tablets) of the drug 2 times a day for 7 days. The sexual partner must be treated at the same time.

For the treatment of anaerobic infections (first-line therapy or substitution treatment), adults should be prescribed 1-1.5 g (4-6 tablets) of metronidazole per day, for children over 6 years old – 20-30 mg / kg of body weight per day in 2 divided doses.

The drug in the form of tablets of 250 mg can be used in children over the age of 6 years.