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Diseases of the Central nervous system of various origins, especially those associated with vascular diseases and disorders of metabolic processes in the brain, which are accompanied by a deterioration of intellectual and mnestic functions, a decrease in motor activity. Neurotic States that are manifested by lethargy, increased exhaustion, decreased psychomotor activity, impaired attention, memory impairment, and decreased assimilation of information. Mild to moderate depression. Psychoorganic syndromes that manifest themselves as intellectual-mnestic disorders and apathetic-abulic phenomena, as well as sluggish-apathetic States in schizophrenia. Convulsive States. Prevention of hypoxia, increasing resistance to stress, correction of the functional state of the body in extreme conditions of professional activity in order to prevent the development of fatigue and improve mental and physical performance, correction of daily biorhythm, inversion of the sleep-Wake cycle. Chronic alcoholism (in order to reduce the phenomena of asthenia, depression, intellectual and mnestic disorders).