Erbisol solution for injections ampoules 2 ml. №10


Manufacturer: Ukraine



Erbisol is used in complex therapy: gastroenterology: hepatitis of various etiologies (including viral, toxic, and drug-induced hepatitis caused by the use of antibiotics, interferons, chemotherapy drugs, and other potent drugs that cause side effects), reactive hepatitis, steatohepatosis, liver cirrhosis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, erosive gastroduodenitis, and non-specific ulcerative colitis toxicology: ERBISOL enhances liver detoxification functions endocrinology: diabetes mellitus, autoimmune thyroiditis; therapy: non-specific lung diseases (pneumonia, chronic bronchitis), pulmonary tuberculosis, angiopathy, to improve microcirculation, normalize vascular tone and blood filling, metabolic dystrophy. ERBISOL is used in the complex treatment of persons affected by the effects of radiation exposure and environmental pollution. the drug has pronounced adaptive-corrective properties when combined with the above pathologies, increasing the compensatory and protective functions of the body; Allergology: allergic and autoimmune diseases, including bronchial asthma; gerontology: functional insufficiency, et ‘ is associated with age-related disorders of the liver, immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems. To increase physical activity and eliminate asthenic syndrome, to increase potency dentistry: periodontitis; surgery and traumatology: traumatic, postoperative and purulent-septic wounds, fractures (to accelerate the consolidation of bone fragments), trophic ulcers of various etiologies, diabetic angiopathies, to activate reparative processes in the complex treatment of bedsores; Oncology: in surgical treatment to prevent metastasis and rapid wound healing. During chemo – and radiotherapy, ERBISOL is used in combination as a maintenance drug as a hepatoprotector, immunoprotector and reparant, and in the rehabilitation and inter-course periods as an immunocorrector and reparant to activate the anti-tumor protection of the body.