Erbisol Ultrafarm solution for injections ampoules 2 ml. №10


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Erbisol is used in complex therapy: gastroenterology: hepatitis of various etiologies (including viral, toxic, and drug-induced hepatitis caused by the use of antibiotics, interferons, chemotherapy drugs, and other potent drugs that cause side effects), reactive hepatitis, steatohepatosis, liver cirrhosis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, erosive gastroduodenitis, and non-specific ulcerative colitis toxicology: ERBISOL enhances liver detoxification functions endocrinology: diabetes mellitus, autoimmune thyroiditis; therapy: non-specific lung diseases (pneumonia, chronic bronchitis), pulmonary tuberculosis, angiopathy, to improve microcirculation, normalize vascular tone and blood filling, metabolic dystrophy.



Erbisol Ultrafarm Storage
active substances: a complex of natural non-protein low molecular weight organic compounds of non-hormonal origin, derived from animal embryonic tissue, contains oligopeptides, glycopeptides, nucleotides, amino acids;

Erbisol Ultrafarm Excipients: 0.9% sodium chloride solution is isotonic.

Erbisol Ultrafarm Dosage form
Solution for injection.

Main physical and chemical properties: clear or slightly opalescent colorless or light yellow liquid with a specific odor.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Immunostimulants. ATX code L03A X.

Antiviral drugs for systemic use. ATX code J05.

Pharmacological properties
Pharmacodynamics. The pharmacological activity of the drug is determined by the content of low molecular weight biologically active peptides that activate the natural, evolutionarily formed control systems of the body, which are responsible for finding and eliminating pathological changes. ERBISOL® ULTRApharm activates the immune system to accelerate the recovery of damaged and destroyed abnormal cells and tissues. The main immunomodulatory effect of the drug is manifested primarily by the action on NK cells (CD3- / 16 + 56 +) and T-killers (CD3 + / 16 + 56 +), which are responsible for the destruction of damaged cells incapable of regeneration, or abnormal cells (mutant, malignant, virus-carrying cells, etc.) and tissues, as well as through the macrophage link, which is responsible for repairing damaged cells and restoring the functional activity of organs and tissues. At the same time, ERBISOL® ULTRApharm has an immunocorrective effect and in disorders of immune status contributes to its normalization by activating T-lymphocytes, Th1-helpers and T-killers, which is important for restoring the balance between cellular and humoral immunity in cancer and allergies. Depending on the state of the body’s immune system, the drug adjusts the level of some other immune factors: induces the synthesis of α-, b- and g-interferons, tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-2 (IL-2) and IL-12, inhibits the synthesis of IL-10. ERBISOL® ULTRApharm enhances the action of antibiotics, exogenous interferons and, at the same time, reduces their toxic side effects.

Diseases of bacterial etiology – chronic non-specific lung diseases in the period of exacerbation and remission;
diseases of viral etiology – acute and chronic viral hepatitis B, chronic viral hepatitis C; acute and chronic forms of diseases caused by herpes viruses;
oncology – oncological diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, primary liver cancer and metastatic lesions of the liver, brain and lung tumors.

Individual intolerance to the drug.

Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction
ERBISOL® ULTRApharm enhances the action of antibacterial agents. For effective implementation of the directed immunomodulatory action ERBISOL® ULTRApharm should not be used together with alcohol (neutralizes the reparative action of macrophages), and is not recommended for use with immunomodulators that stimulate humoral immunity.

Features of application
This medicinal product contains less than 1 mmol (23 mg) / dose sodium, ie essentially ‘sodium-free’.

The use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

ERBISOL® ULTRAPharm should be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding if the doctor considers that the benefits outweigh the potential risks to the fetus / child.

The ability to influence the speed of reaction when driving a car or other machinery.

ERBISOL® ULTRApharm does not affect the speed of reaction when driving a car or working with other mechanisms.