Erotex (benzalkonium chloride) vaginal suppositories №10


Manufacturer: Ukraine/Spain



Local contraception for all women of reproductive age. The drug is used both independently and in combination with other methods, which increases their contraceptive effect. The use of Erotex is particularly appropriate in cases where the benefits of local contraception are undeniable: if there are permanent or temporary contraindications to oral contraception or intrauterine devices (after delivery, during breast-feeding, after termination of pregnancy, during menopause); if necessary, episodic prevention of pregnancy (irregular sex life); when using oral contraception, if the woman forgot or was late to take the pill (in this case, you need to additionally use Erotex on any days of the cycle); as an adjunct for barrier contraception (vaginal diaphragm) or the presence of an intrauterine spiral, especially when certain medications are used simultaneously (for example, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).