Farmatex (myristalkonium choride) vaginal suppositories 18.9 mg. №5


Manufacturer: France



Local contraception. Pharmatex is a local contraceptive (spermicide) to prevent pregnancy, which, like other methods of contraception, does not completely exclude it. The effectiveness of spermicide depends on compliance with the instructions for medical use. Pharmatex can be used both separately and together with other means to enhance the contraceptive effect. This method of contraception is intended for all women of reproductive age. It is especially advisable to use pharmatex: if there are temporary or permanent contraindications to the use of oral contraceptives or intrauterine devices (intrauterine device); after birth, during breast-feeding, during premenopause; if necessary, episodic prevention of pregnancy; as an adjunct to oral contraception in the case of skipping taking the pill later than necessary (in this case, you must additionally use pharmatex until the end of the menstrual cycle); as an adjunct for barrier contraception (vaginal diaphragm, cervical cap), when using an intrauterine spiral (especially when long-term simultaneous administration of certain drugs, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).