Fitor balm suppositories 2.3g. №10


Manufacturer: Ukraine

In gynecology — as an aid for colpitis, endocervicitis, cervical erosion; in proctology – as an aid for anal fissures. Sea buckthorn is a powerful stimulant of regeneration and repair, i.e. tissue recovery after injuries. Vitamins K, E and A are also contained in it. Sea buckthorn in combination with PHYTOR has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. healing the mucous membrane of the rectum. Suppositories are used in proctology as an adjunct for manifestations: – hemorrhoids (prolapse of the veins of the rectum); – anal fissures (anal fissure-complication of hemorrhoids or independent independent pathology); – ulcers of the rectum, its precancerous state; – paraproctitis (purulent inflammation of the fiber around the rectum); – atrophic, catarrhal and erosive-ulcerative proctitis (complicated forms of proctitis);



Fitor suppositories Composition
PEG-1500, FITOR (oak leaf extract), lanolin, rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, drinking water.

Fitor suppositories Description
Natural universal balm “FITOR” (in the form of fatty cylinders) is an effective bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic and immunomodulatory agent with a wide range of applications.

Balsam Fitor – fitor candles is effective due to the presence in its composition of a high content of a unique natural additive FITOR (oak leaf extract), including tannins, quartzone, flavonoids, ellagic, fulvic and gallic acids, pectins, pentosans, flobafen, monosaccharides, protein substances, oils, carbohydrates, starch, vitamins, macro- and microelements (32 elements in total).

The use of phytoral suppositories normalizes metabolism, hematopoiesis and blood circulation, stimulates regenerative processes.

Candles are used for men and women.

Fitor suppositories Recommendations for use
in proctology – hemorrhoids, anal fissures, proctitis, sigmoiditis;
in gynecology – cervical erosion, vulvovaginitis, adnexitis, colpitis, endocervicitis;
in urology – prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis, prostate adenoma;
in cosmetology – skin inflammation, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, wounds, burns.
Mode of application
in proctology and urology – inject 1-2 cylinders into the rectum after microclysters for the night, 5-7 days, in the future, the duration of use is agreed with the doctor;
in gynecology – insert 1-2 cylinders into the vagina at night, 5-7 days, in the future, the duration of use is agreed with the doctor;
in cosmetology – apply to the affected areas of the skin and mucous membranes once a day.
Individual intolerance to the components.

It is not a drug.

Storage conditions
Store in a dark place, at temperatures from + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C, at a relative humidity of 75%.

Shelf life
2 years from the date of manufacture.