Fitoval formula capsules №60


Manufacturer: Slovenia

Excessive hair loss; disruption of hair growth and renewal; when limiting the most important biologically active substances in the diet due to an unsuitable diet; for strengthening thin, brittle and weak hair.



Fitoval Composition
1 capsule contains: dry medical yeast – 200 mg L-cystine – 100 mg pantothenic acid – 15 mg thiamine monohydrate – 2 mg riboflavin – 2 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride – 2 mg cyanocobalamin – 2 μg biotin – 0.1 mg folic acid – 0, 2 mg iron – 10 mg zinc – 5 mg copper – 1 mg;

excipients: gelatin, silicon dioxide (E551), titanium dioxide (E171), azorubin (E122), indigo (E132), magnesium salts of fatty acids (E470b), beckons (E421).

Fitoval Properties
Hair can be damaged by numerous external factors, mechanically, chemically, and especially, harmful substances that enter the hair roots through the blood circulation, as well as when the most important biologically active substances in the diet are limited due to inappropriate diet. Only healthy and vibrant hair is beautiful. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement external hair care with proper and appropriate nutrition of the hair roots from the inside.

Fitoval formula capsules provide complete biological nutrition of hair. Through the blood circulation, the hair roots are supplied with substances necessary for hair growth and regeneration. The capsules contain L-cystine, an essential amino acid necessary for hair restoration; essential vitamins and minerals that act as catalysts in metabolic processes that take place in the hair roots. The capsules also contain medicinal yeast – a natural source of B vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Fitoval formula capsules strengthen hair, improve its structure, as well as accelerate recovery and prevent excessive hair loss, strengthen brittle and damaged nails. Fitoval formula capsules in combination with the Fitoval damaged hair formula product line provide complete care and nutrition for damaged, weak and brittle hair. Together with the Fitoval product line against hair loss, the capsules are recommended for complete care of hair prone to hair loss.

Fitoval Indications
It can be recommended by a doctor for correcting the diet of individuals with excessive hair loss, in violation of hair growth and renewal, to strengthen thin, brittle and weak hair, as an additional source of vitamins, L-cystine, iron, zinc, copper.

Hypersensitivity to product components, pregnancy, lactation.

It is not a drug.

Method of administration and dosage
Adults and children over 15 years of age take 1 capsule once a day during or after meals. Drink the capsule with a little liquid. Before use, consult a doctor.

Consumption rate up to 2 months. Further use and the possibility of repeated courses must be agreed with the doctor.

Shelf life
2 years.

Storage conditions
Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C in its original packaging to protect from light and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.

10 capsules in a blister; 6 blisters in a carton box.

Vacation category
Over the counter.