Fluomizin (dequalinium chloride) vaginal tablets 10 mg. №6


Manufacturer: Switzerland



Fluomizin contains excipients that do not completely dissolve. Remnants of the pill can sometimes be found on underwear. This does not affect the effectiveness of Fluomizin. Sometimes in cases where there is dryness of the vagina, there is a possibility that the vaginal tablet does not dissolve and is released from the vagina whole. As a result, this treatment is not effective. To prevent this, before inserting the tablet into a dry vagina, you can moisten the tablet with a small amount of water. Patients should use sanitary pads or daily pads. The drug does not change the color of underwear. Patients should be advised to change their underwear and towels daily and wash them at a temperature of at least 80 C. To minimize the risk of the effect of dequalinium chloride on the newborn, vaginal tablets should not be used until 12: 00 before delivery. There is no data on the effectiveness and safety of repeated therapy in patients who did not respond or who had relapses immediately after initial therapy with the drug. Patients should be advised to consult a doctor if symptoms persist at the end of treatment or if the disease recurs. Exceeding the daily dose or the recommended duration of treatment increases the risk of vaginal epithelial ulcers. There is no data on the effectiveness and safety of the treatment