Frezubin original 1000 ml. №1


Manufacturer: Germany

Used for probe insertion. 1 500 ml of the nutrient mixture covers the daily requirement for vitamins, minerals and trace elements.Nutrition of patients with malnutrition or with the threat of developing malnutrition. Gastrointestinal stenosis. Preoperative and prediagnostic preparation of the intestine. Cachexia. Anorexia. Recovery period after injury/surgery. Violation of chewing and swallowing.



Frezubin original Composition:

Free of dietary fiber, gluten, clinically significant amounts of lactose, cholesterol and purine.

Frezubin original Characteristic:

product for special dietary use – enteral nutrition. Provides complete enteral tube feeding, 1 kcal / ml.

Recommended for diet therapy in patients with a high risk of malnutrition and without the need for dietary fiber, for patients with malnutrition in intensive care units, surgical and therapeutic departments, for nutritional support, during pre- and postoperative preparation, chewing and swallowing disorders. Oncological diseases, geriatrics.

Use as directed and under medical supervision.

Recommendations for use:

for good nutrition, at least 1.5 l / day. At the beginning of tube feeding, increase the volume gradually. Stir before use!

Special instructions:

use only under medical supervision. For single or additional food. It is necessary to control the water balance.