Gensulin M30 suspension for injections 100 IU/ml. 10 ml. vial №1


Manufacturer: Germany

GENSULIN M30 contains human insulin produced by DNA recombination using Escherichia coli bacteria. Insulin is identical to the insulin produced by the human body. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the human pancreas. It is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and causes, among other things, a decrease in blood glucose levels. Insulin deficiency leads to diabetes. Insulin, administered as an injection, also acts as a hormone produced by the human body. GENSULIN M30 is available in 10 ml vials used with a special syringe, or in 3 ml cartridges used with an insulin injection device. GENSULIN M30 is a mixture of short-acting and long-acting insulin (the so-called two-phase suspension of isophane). The onset occurs 30 minutes after the injection, the peak of action is from 2 to 8 hours, the duration is 24 hours and depends on the dose.



Gensulin M30 Composition
Active ingredient: recombinant human insulin (mixture of 30% soluble and 70% isophane insulin);

1 ml of the suspension contains 100 IU of recombinant human insulin (a mixture of 30% soluble insulin and 70% isophane insulin);

Excipients: m-cresol; phenol; glycerin protamine zinc sulfate oxide; sodium dihydrogen phosphate, dihydrate; hydrochloric acid (diluted) water for injection.

Gensulin M30 Contraindications
Hypoglycemia. Hypersensitivity to the drug Gensulin M30 and any of its components, with the exception of cases of use as desensitizing therapy.

Do not administer intravenously.

Gensulin M30 Mode of application
In clinical practice, many regimens for the treatment of human insulin are known. The choice of an individual scheme suitable for a particular patient should be made by the doctor, taking into account the need for insulin. Based on the established blood glucose concentration, the doctor determines the required dosage and type of insulin preparation for a particular patient. In type 2 diabetes, the average starting dose is 0.2 U / kg body weight.

Gensulin M30 is intended for subcutaneous injection. In exceptional cases, it can be administered intramuscularly. Gensulin M30 should be administered 15-30 minutes before meals. Insulin should be removed from the refrigerator 10-20 minutes before the scheduled administration so that it warms up to room temperature.

Before the introduction, you should carefully examine the insulin vial or cartridge. Suspension of Gensulin M30 should be homogeneous opaque (homogeneous turbid or milky in appearance).

Particular care should be taken to ensure that the needle is not inserted into the lumen of the blood vessel during the injection of insulin.

With an overdose of insulin, symptoms of hypoglycemia appear, in particular, hunger, apathy, dizziness, muscle tremors, disorientation, anxiety, heart palpitations, increased sweating, vomiting, headache, confusion. With moderate hypoglycemia, it is sufficient to ingest a sweet liquid or food rich in carbohydrates. Rest is recommended. Patients should have sugar cubes, glucose or candy with them. It is not recommended to eat chocolate because the fat it contains delays the absorption of glucose.