Geparin solution for injections 5000 IU/ml. 5 ml. №5 vial


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Treatment of diseases of the superficial veins, such as varicose veins, and related complications, phlebothrombosis, thrombophlebitis, and superficial periflebitis. Postoperative varicose phlebitis, complications after surgical removal of the saphenous vein of the leg. Injuries and bruises, infiltrates and localized edema, subcutaneous hematomas. Injuries and sprains of muscle-tendon and capsule-connected structures.



Geparin solution Composition

active substance: heparin 1 ml contains 5000 IU of sodium heparin with an activity of 150 IU / mg
excipients: benzyl alcohol, sodium chloride, water for injection.

Geparin solution Dosage form


Geparin solution Pharmacological group

Antithrombotic agents. ATC code B 01A B 01.

Clinical characteristics


Prevention and treatment of thromboembolic diseases and their complications (acute coronary syndrome, thrombosis and embolism of the great veins and arteries, cerebral vessels, eyes, the first phase of disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome, a permanent form of atrial fibrillation with embolization)
For the prevention of postoperative venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (in low dosage regimen) in patients who have undergone abdominal or torus radical surgery, or in those who, for any other reason, have a risk of developing thromboembolic disease
To prevent blood clotting in laboratory tests, dialysis, extracorporeal circulation, heart and vascular surgery, direct blood transfusion.

The use of heparin-Novopharm is contraindicated:

With hypersensitivity to heparin and / or benzyl alcohol
With thrombocytopenia
With encephalomalacia
For visceral carcinoma
For severe diseases of the pancreas
If heparin-induced immune thrombocytopenia is suspected
With bleeding of any localization (open stomach ulcer, intracranial bleeding), with the exception of hemorrhage caused by embolic pulmonary infarction (hemoptysis) or kidney (hematuria)
With hemophilia
With a history of repeated bleeding, regardless of their location
With increased vascular permeability (for example, with Werlhof disease)
With uncontrolled severe arterial hypertension,
With hemorrhagic stroke
For severely impaired liver and / or kidney function
With a threatened abortion
Patients who took high doses of alcohol.
Heparin-Novopharm should not be used:

Intramuscular injection
For acute and chronic leukemia
Plastic and hypoplastic anemias
For acute aneurysm of the heart
When performing operations on the brain or spinal cord, eyeball, ears
After surgical operations in areas where the development of bleeding is life-threatening to the patient
With bacterial endocarditis, diabetes mellitus, pulmonary tuberculosis,
When carrying out epidural anesthesia during childbirth.
For patients who are using heparin for therapeutic purposes, conduction anesthesia is contraindicated during elective surgery, since the use of heparin in rare cases can cause epidural or spinal hematomas, as a result of which prolonged or irreversible paralysis may develop.