Glibofor coated tablets 500 mg/5 mg. №60


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Treatment of type 2 diabetes in adults, to replace previous therapy with two drugs (Metformin and glibenclamide) in patients with stable and well-controlled levels of glycemia.



Glibofor Composition:

active ingredients: metformin, glibenclamide 1 tablet contains metformin hydrochloride 500 mg, glibenclamide 5 mg
excipients: sodium starch glycolate (type A), povidone (K-30), colloidal anhydrous silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate
composition of the film casing: Opadry Yellow 04G82949 (hypromellose, talc, titanium dioxide (E 171), polyethylene glycol 6000, propylene glycol, iron oxide yellow (E 172), quinoline yellow (E 104)).

Glibofor Dosage form

Film-coated tablets.

Glibofor Pharmacotherapeutic group

A combination of oral hypoglycemic drugs. Metformin and sulfonamides ATC code A10B D02.


Treatment of type II diabetes mellitus in adults, to replace previous therapy with a combination of metformin with glibenclamide in patients with stable and well-controlled glycemia.


Hypersensitivity to metformin, glibenclamide, to other components of the drug or other sulfonylurea derivatives, to sulfonamides
type I diabetes diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetic precoma
acute diseases occurring with the risk of developing renal dysfunction: dehydration, severe infectious diseases, shock, intravascular administration of iodine-containing contrast media
acute and chronic diseases that can lead to the development of hypoxia (heart or respiratory failure, acute myocardial infarction, shock)
liver failure, acute alcohol intoxication, alcoholism

Method of administration and dosage

Administered orally during meals. The dose is determined by the doctor individually, depending on the level of glycemia.

When replacing combined therapy with metformin and glibenclamide, treatment with Glibofor begins in doses corresponding to the previous dosage. Every 2 weeks after the start of treatment, the dose of the drug is adjusted depending on the results of measurements of the glycemic level.

A gradual increase in the dose helps to reduce side effects from the digestive tract and prevents the development of hypoglycemia.