Glycerin liquid suppositories 9 ml. №6


Manufacturer: Ukraine

To soften the skin and treatment of the mucous membranes. As a basis for making liniments and ointments.



Glycerin suppositories 9 ml. Properties
“Candles” Glycerin “Liquid” – means for quick and effective removal of constipation in adults and children.

Candles “Glycerin” Liquid “soften and lubricate the feces, which facilitates their movement through the intestines. Gently stimulates rectal peristalsis. The disposable bottle “Euroform” is equipped with a flexible tip with a cap and is easily squeezed, which makes the administration of the active substance convenient, safe and painless. It allows the entire dose of the active substance from the container to enter the rectum, providing a guaranteed and sufficient laxative effect. Provides high-quality bowel movement.

Glycerin is in liquid form and starts acting immediately upon entering the rectum, providing a quick effect. Quickly removes the clinical manifestations of constipation. The effect occurs within 15-30 minutes after administration. The components that make up the “Liquid Glycerin Candles” are not absorbed into the systemic circulation, do not affect the tone of the uterus.

“Candles” Glycerin “Liquid” can be used for constipation in bedridden patients, in the postoperative period, in patients with heart disease, in pregnant women and in the postpartum period. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

Glycerin suppositories 9 ml. Mode of application
The bottle must be held by the cap with one hand, and with the other, loosening the outer protective cap of the cannula, break the opening control.

Remove the protective cap.

Press lightly on the bottle, holding it vertically with the cannula upward so that a few drops of the product appear on the tip – this will facilitate its administration.

Then you need to gently insert the tip of the cannula into the anus and slowly squeeze, squeezing the agent into the rectum.

One micro enema contains one optimal dose of balm for a single use.

Individual sensitivity to product components.

Storage conditions
Store at temperatures between 5 ° C and 25 ° C.