Green Tea extract (green tea extract) 0.25 g. №80


With diseases of the nervous system. An effective tonic, anti-inflammatory that normalizes metabolism.



green tea leaf extract – 0.2 g.
Tonic and anti-inflammatory drug normalizes metabolism. In addition, the drug helps to lose weight and increase vitality.
The tool is used in combination with diet. The antioxidant effect of green tea prevents the development of cancer.
Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action
The use of green tea extract is due to the presence in its composition of various chemical compounds of natural origin.
Fat burning;
Antioxidant effect – several times more effective than vitamin C and E;
Strengthening of a vascular wall, decrease in level of cholesterol;
Tones and improves mood
Natural aromatase inhibition (antiestrogenic action).
The biological value of green tea extract is primarily determined by the high content of catechins, caffeine, and vitamins (C, P, K, etc.). Catechins belong to a wide group of compounds – flavonoids and are found in many edible plants, but especially many of them in tea. Catechins in tea are contained in the form of individual monomers or more complex condensed compounds related to tannins.
Tannins of tea (tannins) – high molecular weight phenolic compounds. Green tea extract contains mainly tannins related to non-sugar esters of carboxylic acids. Caffeine in tea (thein) is present in a bound state with tannins, the natural combination of caffeine with tannins provides a safer and softer effect on the body, largely eliminating side effects.
Green tea contains a large amount of vitamin C (more than lemon and orange juice). Vitamin C is found in tea in a natural complex with iron and trace elements and in such a complex is involved in many metabolic processes, suppresses unwanted oxidative processes and stimulates hematopoiesis. In addition, green tea can increase the body’s energy expenditure by involving brown adipose tissue in thermogenesis. The addition of green tea extract to a low-calorie diet contributed to greater weight loss compared to a regular low-calorie diet.
How to use:
Take up to 3 tablets a day with meals.
Admission course: up to 1 month, 2-3 courses per year.
Release form:
Pack of 80 tablets
This product is not a medical product.