St. John’s wort (Hyperici herba) 60 g.


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Complex treatment of diseases of the biliary tract (dyskinesia of the biliary tract, cholecystitis); of the gastrointestinal tract (acute and chronic colitis, diarrhea, flatulence, hypoacid gastritis). In inflammatory processes of the oral cavity (gingivitis, stomatitis).



St. John’s wort herb is a plant with opposite egg-shaped leaves and yellow flowers collected in a scutellum.

St. John’s wort grass contains tannins (10-12%), flavonoids (hyperoside, rutin, quercetrin, myricetin, leukoanthocyanins), saponins, dyes (hypericin – 0.1-0.4%, pseudohypericin, hyperin, frangulaemodinantranol), essential oil ( 0.2-0.3%), resinous substances (17%), carotene, ascorbic acid.

St. John’s wort herb has been used successfully in pharmacology. It is part of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs, as well as fees that improve the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Most often, St. John’s wort is used internally in the form of infusions. With an infection of the oral cavity and a cold, rinse with St. John’s wort rinse your mouth, and with skin inflammations it is used for lotions and compresses. For young children, St. John’s wort infusion is added when bathing in the bath. St. John’s wort tincture is effective as a warming compress for joint and muscle pain.