Intrauterine Ancora 375 Ag Normal Cu 375+Ag (cuprum + silver)


An intrauterine F-shaped contraceptive containing copper and silver as active additives, providing a high level of protection against unwanted pregnancy for 5 years.

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Coil Ancora 375 Ag Normal copper / silver, multi-load – the intrauterine device is intended for introduction into the uterine cavity for the purpose of contraception.
It is intended to solve the problems of reproductive medicine, namely, to reduce the number of possible abortions, to terminate an unplanned pregnancy and to preserve the possibility for a woman to have children in the future.
Operating principle
The spiral gradually releases copper atoms, which, falling into the uterine cavity, have a detrimental effect on the egg and sperm.

  • Copper coverage area is 375 mm², silver – 93.62 mm²;
  • Copper plating can corrode in contact with intracavitary fluids. Protection against this is provided – a silver core that protects the coating. This increases the duration of contraception;
  • When the spiral is removed, reproductive ability is restored very quickly;
  • Anchor-shaped form (semi-shaft with protrusions) guarantees a strong strengthening of the spiral and prevents its displacement;
  • Can be installed for nursing mothers, since this local agent does not pass into breast milk and does not have any effect on the baby;
  • Prevents discomfort that can occur when using condoms, vaginal suppositories or other methods to prevent pregnancy;
  • Installation time is up to 5 years, as the copper coating depletes over time.

The material of manufacture is copper wire, inside which there is a silver tip.
Anchor-shaped form.