Intrauterine Gold t Normal Cu375+Au (cuprum + aurum)


An intrauterine device is used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The installation of an IUD can only be carried out by medical personnel, or under the supervision of medical personnel. Responsibility for proper installation rests with medical personnel.

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Contraceptive (spiral) intrauterine Gold T Normal (Gold Normal) (Cu 375 + Au) 1 pc
Intrauterine coil Gold T NORMAL is intended for introduction into the uterine space in order to prevent unplanned pregnancy.
Designed to prevent unwanted pregnancy without harming a woman’s reproductive capacity and the ability to have children in the future.
The copper coating gradually produces copper atoms into the uterine cavity, which have a spermicidal effect – sperm die. They act in the same way on the ovum;
Gold core prevents corrosion of the copper plating and lengthens the life of the coil;
Gold exhibits an excellent anti-allergic effect, which makes the use of this coil preferable to a coil with a silver tip. This is because gold is an inert element;
Copper plating area 375 mm², gold plating – 93.62 mm²;
When the spiral is removed, reproductive capacity is restored within a short period of time;
When using this method of contraception, there is no discomfort that can occur if you need to constantly use condoms, birth control pills or suppositories;
There are no contraindications for breastfeeding. The action is of a local nature, no harmful substances penetrate into the milk of a nursing mother;
The term of use is 5 years. This is due to the fact that the copper layer degrades over time.
Device for convenient and safe insertion of the coil. It ensures the sterility of the procedure;
High quality spiral and packaging materials are manufactured by DuPont (USA).
Consists of a T-shaped spiral leg and flexible shoulders.
Material – copper wire with a gold core.