Laktagel vaginal gel 5 ml.


Manufacturer: Sweden



The vaginal flora is heterogeneous in its composition. Normally, it is mainly represented by lactic acid bacteria (lactobacilli). Lactobacilli, by processing glycogen from the vaginal epithelial cells, produce lactic acid, thereby maintaining a normal low pH value of the vaginal environment, which is unsuitable for the development of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. This is a natural and very effective mechanism of protection against infections. With a decrease in the number of lactobacilli and an increase in the pH value of the vagina’s midsection, the number of other bacteria (opportunistic pathogens, that is, those that normally live in the vagina in symbiosis with our body) increases, and which cause unpleasant odors, abnormal secretions and discomfort. In other words, bacterial vaginosis (BV) develops. BV is a fairly common violation of the vaginal microflora. Factors that contribute to the development of bacterial vaginosis prolonged menstruation; courses of antibiotic therapy; excessive douching; frequent and excessive use of intimate hygiene products; unprotected sexual intercourse (sperm can change the pH of the vaginal environment to the alkaline side); use of an intrauterine contraceptive (intrauterine device). Learn more about the role of douching in the development of bacterial vaginosis Often, women who experience symptoms of bacterial vaginosis self-consciously resort to douching, linking the unpleasant smell with insufficient hygiene. At the same time, douching causes an even greater exacerbation of bacterial vaginosis, since during douching, the normal microflora is washed out, which is replaced by opportunistic bacteria. What is Lactagen? Lactagel is a gel containing lactic acid and glycogen. Lactic acid helps reduce the pH of the vagina (i.e., creating a more acidic environment). Glycogen is a nutrient medium necessary for the reproduction of lactobacilli. By normalizing the pH value and creating favorable conditions for the reproduction of lactobacilli, Lactagel restores the natural environment in the vagina and eliminates symptoms – heavy discharge, discomfort and unpleasant smell.