Lavinal-Profil against lice 80 ml.


Manufacturer: Ukraine

To get rid of head lice and nits (pediculosis) in adults and children from 2 years. For carrying out anti-pediculosis measures in health care institutions, centers of pediculosis, educational institutions, recreation institutions, and everyday life.



Lavinal-Profil Description
Spray prophylaxis Lavinal is used for effective and safe prevention of head lice.

It has a repellent effect due to the special composition of essential oils and is used to protect against infestation of lice in adults and children from the age of 2 years.

The essential oils of clove, lemon, ylang-ylang in the Lavinal Prevention Spray are powerful natural repellents that provide reliable protection against head lice infestation.

Unlike previous generations of anti-lice preparations (organochlorine and organophosphorus insecticidal compounds), head lice resistance (resistance) to spray prophylaxis Lavinal does not develop. The product does not lose its effectiveness with repeated use and is recommended for regular (daily) prophylaxis.

Lavinal-Profil Composition
Active ingredients: essential oil of cloves – 1%, essential oil of lemon – 1%, essential oil of ylang-ylang – 0.3%; auxiliary substances: solvent – water-alcohol extract of mint – up to 100%, preservative – 0.5-0.9%.

Lavinal-Profil Mode of application
Spray evenly on dry hair before going to places of possible contact with people infected with lice.

The use of the product does not require shampooing after the procedure.

Usually depending on weather conditions, temperature, air humidity, etc. the repellent effect lasts for 4-8 hours.

The procedure can be repeated if necessary.

Lavinal-Profil Indications for use
Prevention of head lice infestation in adults and children aged 2 years and older.

Carrying out preventive anti-lice measures in health care institutions, head lice foci, educational institutions, recreation facilities, everyday life.

Hypersensitivity to essential oils.

Skin damage (severe scratches, wounds, irritation on the areas of the body affected by head lice).

Storage conditions
In the original packaging in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 4-25 ° С.

Application features
For outdoor use only.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If such contact occurs, it is necessary to rinse the mucous membrane with warm water.

During spraying and exposure, keep the product> 1.5 m away from open flames.

There is no information about the possible risk when using the product during pregnancy and lactation.

If you need to use the product during pregnancy and lactation, as well as if you have a tendency to allergic reactions, you should consult your doctor.

Release form
Spray, 80 ml