Maalox suspension sachets 15 ml. №30


Maalox is used in the treatment of acute and chronic gastritis in the acute stage, with normal or increased production of gastric secretions.



Maalox composition
active substances: aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide;
15 ml of suspension contain aluminum hydroxide 525 mg, magnesium hydroxide 600 mg;
excipients: concentrated hydrochloric acid (E 507); citric acid, monohydrate (E 330); peppermint oil; mannitol (E 421); methylparaben (E 218); propylparaben (E 216); sodium saccharin (E 954); sorbitol solution that does not crystallize (E 420); hydrogen peroxide solution (30%); purified water.

Dosage form
The suspension is oral.

Pharmacological properties
This medicine protects the mucous membranes of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum.
In studies of the use of a single dose in vitro by the method of Rosset – Rice acid-neutralizing ability was 20 mEq H + in the package.
The drug is not radiopaque.

Maalox is used in the treatment of acute and chronic gastritis in the acute stage, with normal or increased production of gastric secretions. It is also used as part of the complex treatment of hiatal hernia, reflux esophagitis, ulcerative and erosive lesions of the stomach and duodenum at the stage of exacerbation, discomfort in the epigastric region and dyspeptic disorders caused by a violation of the diet, intake of aggressive medications also coffee.

Maalox is not prescribed for patients who suffer from:

  • severe forms of renal failure;
  • hypersensitivity to the active substances of the drug;
  • hypophosphatemia;
  • intolerance to fructose.

With caution, Maalox is prescribed to persons who systematically suffer from constipation, since magnesium salts cause a weakening of intestinal motility, which can become the cause of its complete atony.
Long-term use of the drug is possible only under strict medical supervision, since Maalox can provoke the development of phosphate deficiency, which can cause bone resorption or osteomalacia.

Maalox suspension is not used in the treatment of children under 15 years of age.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
Despite the fact that it was found that Maalox does not have a teratogenic effect, the available data are not enough to use the drug in the treatment of pregnant women, therefore, its appointment to this category of patients is possible only after a thorough analysis of the benefits to maternal health and harm to the fetus.
Due to the fact that Maalox has a local effect and is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream, it is permissible to use it in the therapy of women at the stage of lactation.

Method of application and dosage                                                                                                                              Use for the treatment of adults and children over 15 years of age.
Method of application – oral. Take 15 ml (1 packet) in case of heartburn or acid reflux. Before use, the suspension should be made homogeneous by gently kneading the package.
The suspension is taken without dilution. The contents of the package are poured into a spoon or directly into the mouth.
Do not use more than 6 packets per day.
The duration of treatment without consulting a doctor should not exceed 10 days.

When taking Maalox in doses significantly exceeding therapeutic ones, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea may occur. When treating an acute overdose with the drug, the patient is prescribed an abundant drink, since the excretion of magnesium and aluminum is carried out mainly in the urine.

Side effects
With prolonged use of the drug, patients develop allergic reactions, dyspeptic disorders and hypophosphatemia, which may be accompanied by softening or destruction of bone tissue.

Storage conditions and periods
It must be stored out of the reach of children and protected from light. Shelf life of tablets – 5 years, oral suspension – 3 years.