Maltofer (iron) oral drops 50 mg/ml. 30 ml. vial


Maltofer is intended for the treatment of patients who suffer from iron deficiency anemia and latent iron deficiency.



Maltofer composition
active substance: 1 ml (corresponds to 20 drops, 1 drop contains 2.5 mg of iron) of the drug contains 178.6 mg of iron (III) hydroxide polymaltosate, which is equivalent to 50 mg of iron;

Excipients: sucrose, sodium methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 219), sodium propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 217), cream flavor, sodium hydroxide, purified water.

Dosage form
Oral drops.

Pharmacological properties
Maltofer contains maltodextrin (partially hydrolyzed starch) and an inorganic iron compound (III). In Maltofer, ferric iron is a component of a complex organic compound.
Iron is involved in the formation of hemoglobin. Like other iron supplements, Maltofer has no effect on erythropoiesis and is ineffective in anemia that is not caused by iron deficiency.
Absorbed iron binds to ferritin and is stored in the liver. Later in the bone marrow, it is included in hemoglobin.


  • treatment of iron deficiency without anemia (latent iron deficiency) and iron deficiency anemia (clinically severe iron deficiency).
  • iron deficiency and its degree should be confirmed by appropriate laboratory tests.


  • there is hypersensitivity or intolerance of the active substance or any component of the drug;
  • excessive iron content in the body (eg, hemochromatosis, hemosiderosis);
  • disorder of iron excretion mechanisms (lead anemia, sideroahrestic anemia, thalassemia);
  • anemia not due to iron deficiency (eg, hemolytic anemia, megaloblastic anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency);
  • esophageal stenosis and / or other obstructive diseases of the digestive tract; intestinal diverticulum, intestinal obstruction, regular blood transfusions;
  • simultaneous use of parenteral forms of iron.

The drug should be used in children from birth (including premature babies).

Use during pregnancy or breastfeeding
The use of the drug during pregnancy or breastfeeding is recommended only after consulting a doctor. A benefit / risk assessment is recommended.

Method of application and dosage
The dose and duration of treatment with the drug depend on the degree of iron deficiency.
The daily dose of the drug can be taken once or divided into several doses.
The drug should be taken during or immediately after a meal.
Maltofer, oral drops, can be mixed with fruit and vegetable juices or with artificial mixtures for babies. A slight change in the color of the mixture does not affect the effectiveness of the drug or its taste.
To obtain the exact dose of drops, the vial should be inverted and held upright. Drops will form directly on the tip of the vial, and if not, the vial should be easily tilted to form a drop. Do not shake the vial.
The duration of treatment of clinically severe iron deficiency is on average 3-5 months before normalization of hemoglobin levels. Thereafter, the drug should be continued in the appropriate dosage for the treatment of latent iron deficiency for the next few weeks to restore iron stores. The duration of treatment of latent iron deficiency without anemia is 1-2 months.

With iron deficiency anemia:

  • infants under 1 year of age – 10-20 drops (25-50 mg);
  • children aged 1 year to 12 years – 20-40 drops (50-100 mg);
  • adolescents aged 12 years and adults – 40-120 drops (100-300 mg).

With latent iron deficiency without anemia:

  • infants under 1 year – 6-10 drops (15-25 mg);
  • children aged 1 year to 12 years – 10-20 drops (25-50 mg);
  • adolescents aged 12 years and adults – 20-40 drops (50-100 mg).

Premature babies: 2.5-5 mg of iron per kg of body weight (1-2 drops) per day for 3-5 months.

At the moment, there are no official cases of drug overdose.

Side effects
The drug is well tolerated by patients, however, in case of individual intolerance to its components, patients may develop nausea, impaired stool, vomiting, pain in the epigastric region.
Taking Maltofer is accompanied by darkening of the feces, however, such a symptom is absolutely safe for the patient’s health and has no clinical significance.

Storage conditions and periods
The drug is not recommended to be stored in places that are accessible to children and light. The storage period is 5 years.