Marimer Baby (isotonic sea water) nasal spray 100 ml. vial


Nasal spray isotonic Marimer can be used in any position. Proper nasal hygiene helps protect the mucous membranes from adverse environmental factors (cold weather conditions, allergens, dry or polluted air, etc.) and ensures normal nasal breathing.



Marimer Baby composition
100% sterile isotonic sea water solution, equivalent to 9 g / l salt.

Release form
Nasal spray

Marimer Baby is a remedy for the treatment of nasal diseases. It contributes to the maintenance of the normal state of the nasal mucosa, dilution of mucus, facilitates its removal from the nose. The microelements included in the preparation improve the function of the ciliated epithelium, enhancing the resistance of the nasal mucosa to pathogenic viruses and bacteria. In allergic rhinitis, it helps to remove allergens from the nasal mucosa. A special (microdiffusion) solution spraying system provides deep, gentle irrigation of the nasal membrane, contributing to the effective action of trace elements.

Marimer Baby is used:

  • with acute / chronic inflammatory processes of the paranasal sinuses, nose, nasopharynx;
  • for the prevention of inflammatory reactions after surgery;
  • to prevent infectious diseases of the nose, nasopharynx;
  • with allergic, vasomotor rhinitis;
  • for daily hygiene of the nasal cavity in order to preserve the protective properties of the mucous membrane in conditions of pollution, increased dry air (central heating, air conditioning, etc.).

Do not use Marimer Baby in case of hypersensitivity (allergy) to the components of the preparation. Do not use this remedy in children under the age of one year (for nasal aerosol).

Application during pregnancy and lactation
It is possible to use this remedy during pregnancy, during lactation.

Mode of application
1 injection into each nasal passage, preferably before each meal, 1-4 times a day, if necessary.
Isotonic nasal spray Marimer Baby can be used daily for a long period.
It is recommended to place the baby, or place the baby in a sitting or standing position.

1. Tilt your head to the side.

2. Insert the nozzle into the nostril and inject the spray into the upper nasal passage.

3. Repeat the procedure with the other nasal passage.

4. Rotate your head to its original position to allow nasal discharge to flow out.

For newborns, wipe off any remaining solution with a tissue. Use a baby nasal aspirator in case of heavy flow to gently remove nasal discharge.
The dispenser should be cleaned with a soapy water solution after each use. Rinse and dry.

There are no data on cases of overdose with this medicine. The components of this drug are safe for the human body, so an overdose does not develop.
If the dose of medication is significantly exceeded, you should consult your doctor.

Side effects
Allergic reactions are possible, manifested in the form of a rash, redness, irritation, itching at the site of application. There is a very low probability of developing severe allergies: angioedema (rapidly developing edema of the face or part of it, eyes, lips, larynx with respiratory failure), anaphylactic shock.

Storage conditions and periods
The drug Marimer Baby must be stored / transported in its original packaging in compliance with the temperature regime (up to 25 ° C), without direct exposure to sunlight. The maximum shelf life is indicated on the packaging (3 years). Do not use the drug after the end of the shelf life. Parents need to keep their children safe and restrict their access to medication.