Mastodinon (plant extracts) oral drops 50 ml. vial


In the complex treatment of pre-menstrual syndrome: mental lability, headache or migraine, edema, constipation, mastodinia (swelling and tenderness of the mammary glands), as well as complaints during menstruation, menstrual disorders and fibrocystic mastopathy.



Mastodinon composition
Active ingredients: 100 g drops

  • Аgnus Сstus Ø (common twig) 20 g;
  • Caulorkhulum thalictroides D4 (basil-shaped stemleaf) 10 g;
  • Cyclamen europaeum D4 (alpine violet) 10 g;
  • Strychnos Ignatia D6 (bitter brisket) 10 g;
  • Irès versicolor D2 (multi-colored cockerel) 20 g;
  • Lilium tigrinum D3 (tiger lily) 10 g;

excipient: ethanol 53% (v / v).

Dosage form
Oral drops.

Pharmacological properties
Medicinal product for use in gynecological practice.
Under the influence of the components of the drug, the concentration of prolactin in the blood decreases and a normalizing effect on the balance of sex hormones is manifested.

Mastodinon is used to treat fibrocystic mastopathy, premenstrual syndrome, accompanied by headaches, engorgement and soreness of the mammary glands, migraine, constipation, increased nervousness and edema. Also, the drug is used in the therapy of menstrual irregularities and infertility, which are caused by functional insufficiency of the corpus luteum.

Mastodinon is not prescribed if the patient has previously identified intolerance to homeopathic remedies or malignant diseases of the mammary glands. Also, it is not used in the treatment of children under twelve years of age, pregnant and lactating.
The tablet form of the drug is not used in the therapy of patients with diabetes mellitus and those who suffer from galactose intolerance or malabsorption of galactose and glucose.
At the time of Mastodinon therapy, it is recommended to refuse to take alcoholic beverages and tobacco smoking, since the substances included in their composition contribute to a significant decrease in the therapeutic effect of the drug.

Application for pregnancy and breastfeeding
Mastodinon is not used in the treatment of women during lactation and pregnancy. If the patient becomes pregnant during treatment with Mastodinon, then it should be stopped immediately.

Method of administration and dosage
Mastodinon is taken orally 1 tablet or 30 drops 2 times a day. Duration of treatment is 3 months. It is unacceptable to make even minor interruptions in admission during treatment with the drug, as this will affect the quality of treatment and will not allow the desired therapeutic effect to be achieved. With Mastodinon treatment, the first improvements are observed not earlier than after 6 weeks of continuous treatment. If, after discontinuation of the drug, complaints arose again, then the duration of treatment may be increased by the doctor’s decision.
Shake the bottle thoroughly before taking oral drops. Drops should not be used in the treatment of patients who have undergone a successful course of treatment for alcohol dependence.
In therapeutic doses, the drug does not reduce the reaction rate, which allows it to be used in patients who control potentially dangerous mechanisms.
Treatment with Mastodinon can be combined with the intake of any other medications.

At the moment, there have been no cases of overdose with Mastodinon. However, it can be assumed that taking the drug in the form of oral drops in higher doses may be accompanied by the onset of symptoms characteristic of alcohol intoxication. If you notice that the patient has taken the drug in an increased dosage, it is recommended to ensure that he receives plenty of drink and activated carbon.

Side effects
During the treatment with Mastodinon, patients may experience various allergic reactions, pain in the lower abdomen, headaches, dizziness and nausea. When choosing the dosage form of the drug, you must remember that alcohol is present in the drops, and the tablets contain a small amount of lactose.

Storage conditions and periods
Mastodinon is stored in a dry place protected from light and children. The shelf life of the drug is 3 years.