Menorma (shepherd’s purse, viburnum bark) tablets 735 mg. №30


It can be recommended as an additional source of vitamins K, B2, beta-carotene, rutin and tannins, flavonoids (viburnin).



Menorma composition
1 tablet contains:

  • shepherd’s purse herb extract 200 mg;
  • viburnum bark extract 150 mg;
  • rutin (rutoside) 50 mg;

excipients: fillers: cellactose-80, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate; tablet shell: dry mixture for coating: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, polyethylene glycol, titanium dioxide, riboflavin, iron oxide red.

Without GMO.

Nutritional (food) and energy value (calorie content) per 100 g of supplement: proteins – 0.6 g, carbohydrates – 35.7 g, fats – 0.2 g; 147 kcal (615 kJ).

Recommendations for use
It is recommended to use it as an additional source of vitamins (K, C, beta-carotene, rutin), tannins, flavonoids (viburnin) in order to normalize the functional state of the female reproductive organs during menorrhagia (heavy menstruation).

Also, you should not use the drug in the treatment of children.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
This drug should be used with caution in the treatment of pregnant women, always based on careful weighing of the risk / benefit ratio, since this drug has not been tested in pregnant women.

Mode of application
Take Menorma for adults (women) 1 tablet 2 times a day
regardless of food intake; drink plenty of drinking water.
It is recommended to start application 3-7 days before the start of your period and continue until it ends.
It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Individual sensitivity to components, pregnancy and lactation, disorders in the blood coagulation system, thrombophlebitis, tendency to thrombosis.
It is not a drug.

Storage conditions
Store Menorma in its original packaging in a dry place out of the reach of children at temperatures between 0 ° C and 25 ° C.
Expiration date – 24 months from the date of production.