Miramistin 50 ml.


Manufacturer: Ukraine



Surgery, traumatology: local treatment of infected wounds of different localization and etiology; prevention of secondary infection of granular wounds. Combustiology: treatment of burns of the II and i A degrees; preparation of burn wounds for dermatoplasty. Obstetrics and gynecology: prevention and treatment of suppuration of postpartum wounds, postpartum infections; wounds of the perineum and vagina; inflammatory diseases of the external genitalia and vagina (vulvovaginitis). Dermatology: complex treatment of candidiasis of the skin and mucous membranes, foot mycoses and large folds. Venereology: individual prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes). Otorhinolaryngology: complex treatment of acute and chronic otitis media, sinusitis, tonsillitis. Dentistry: treatment of periodontitis, stomatitis; hygienic processing of removable dentures; prevention of microbial complications after surgery on the oral mucosa.