Mountain celandine 1.2 ml.


Manufacturer: Ukraine



The drug, which is unique in its composition and purity of Baikal herbs, will save you from cosmetic defects-warts, calluses and papillomas. The balm destroys the cells of papillomas and warts and turns them into simple sores, and also destroys the agents that cause these defects. A natural and safe way to treat your warts. 100% working product. Heals your skin. Blocks new warts. Easily use. You can use it for the face (try it elsewhere first to get a reaction). Can be used by children. Warts fall by themselves. No side effect. Most people get results immediately. How to use: Apply the balm using a plastic stick (the end of the stick should be smaller than the size of the skin defect to be treated). If the papilloma or wart is very large, wrap a little cotton wool around the end of the plastic stick. Duration of the procedure: on the face and neck-7-10 minutes, on the body-10-12 minutes. after that, it must be washed off with warm water. Papillomas, corns and calluses: apply 2 times a day for 2-10 days. During the procedure, you may receive the lymph.