OCUflash (Euphraia arctica extract) eye drops 10 ml. №1 vial


Manufacturer: Slovakia



OCUflash composition
Eyebright extract (Euphraia arctica extract) 2 mg in 1 ml sodium chloride (natrii chloridum) 7 mg in 1 ml; fillers: benzalkonium chloride (benzalkonii chloridum) 0.04 mg in 1 ml (0.004%), disodium edetate dihydrate (dinatrii edetas dihydras), potassium chloride (kalii chloridum), magnesium chloride hexahydrate (magnesii chloridum hexahydras (рolysorbate 80), polysorbate 80 ), sodium tetraborate (natrii tetraboras), sodium hydroxide (sodium), water for injection (aqua pro ingectionibus).

Release form
10 ml drops in a bottle.

OCUflash is a special ocular (physiological, buffered) solution that contains eyebright extract as an additive. This solution is intended for instillation into the eyes or for use in compresses for the eyelids. Eyebright extract has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect on the eyes. These properties of eyebright have long been used to reduce eye fatigue, as well as for the prevention and maintenance treatment of non-infectious inflammatory diseases of the eyelids and mucous membranes of the eyes (hereinafter referred to as the conjunctiva).

Recommendations for use
Ideal for eye wash. This tool can be used without consulting an ophthalmologist, both for a simple short-term rinsing of the eye, and for instilling the eyes, or as part of compresses for the eyelids. This remedy is used when there is a sensation of discomfort in the eye such as burning, tingling, itching, or the sensation of a foreign body in the eye. In practice, OCUflash is a tool for using it in such cases, for example:

  • For rinsing the eye after tonometry and gonioscopy.
  • For rinsing the eyes to remove foreign bodies from the conjunctiva: dust, chlorinated water, etc. (if flushing is ineffective, consult a doctor immediately!).
  • When washing off the residues of fluorescent solutions.
  • When washing off mucous and purulent secretions.
  • When rinsing the eyes after removing contact lenses.
  • As an additional agent in the treatment of some forms of conjunctival inflammation, as well as chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes and eyelids.
  • For eye fatigue caused by prolonged reading, driving, watching TV, or using a computer.
  • As a substance for removing cosmetics from eyelids and eyelashes.

Directions for use: After opening the bottle, OCUflash is ready for use as directed. The patient needs to unscrew the protective cap, slightly move the head of the bottle in the opposite direction, turn the plastic bottle over and, slightly squeezing it, squeeze the required number of drops to the lower fornix of the conjunctival sac of the eye. The drug should be instilled into the sore eye (or use the drug to wash the eye) in such an amount that is necessary in a particular situation (the amount of solution released is controlled by the force of compression of the bottle). In case of inflammation of the eyelids, the drug can also be used to prepare compresses. During the instillation of the eye, care must be taken that the dosing tube does not touch the surface of the eye, eyelids or eyelashes. Finally, at the end of the use of the drug, the cap must be screwed tightly into place in order to prevent contamination of the drug. The bottle must be stored upright.

This product can be used when caring for babies and babies.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
This drug is allowed to be used by pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

Mode of application
When used to relieve irritation of the conjunctiva, as well as in the supportive treatment of non-infectious inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes and eyelids, the agent must be instilled into the conjunctival sac of the diseased eye (eyes) 1-2 drops 3-4 times a day. To flush a foreign body from the conjunctiva, the eyes must be treated with a solution until the foreign body is removed (until relief is felt).

The product does not affect concentration when driving, when working with equipment or when working at height. However, after instillation in the conjunctival sac, in some cases, a temporary decrease in the sharpness of visual recognition of objects is possible, therefore any actions requiring increased attention can be carried out only after the cessation of this temporary effect. If swallowed, consult a doctor.
Patients are not allowed to wear soft contact lenses while using the product. Hard contact lenses must be removed before using the product and only 20 minutes after instillation can they be used again.
If any other eye drops or eye ointments are also used during the application of the product, they must be applied at least 5 minutes after application.

Cannot be used in case of hypersensitivity to the components.

Side effect
The drug is usually well tolerated. In some cases, immediately after application, a temporary slight burning sensation may appear. A hypersensitivity reaction is also possible.

Storage conditions
Store OCUflash at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. do not refrigerate / freeze. The product must be stored in places that children do not have access to.

Shelf life
2 years. Cannot be used after the expiration date is indicated on the packaging. After opening the bottle, use within 28 days.