Oftalek (methylethylpiridinol hydrochloride) solution for injections 10 mg/ml. 1ml. ampoules №10


Manufacturer: Ukraine



Sub-conjunctival and intraocular hemorrhages of various origins. Angioretinopathy (including diabetic retinopathy). Central and peripheral chorioretinal dystrophy. Thrombosis of the Central retinal vein and its branches. Complicated by myopathy. Angiosclerosis-related macular degeneration (dry form). Detachment of the vascular membrane in patients with glaucoma in the postoperative period. Dystrophic diseases of the cornea. Trauma, burns of the cornea. Protection of the cornea (when using contact lenses) and the retina from exposure to high-intensity light (sunlight, laser radiation during laser coagulation).