Otinum ear drops 0.2g. /ml. 10 g. №1 vial


Acute otitis media, tympanitis and external otitis media. It can also be used before washing the external auditory canal in case of earwax hardening.



Otinum composition and form of release
Produced in the form of ear drops. The active ingredient is choline salicylate.

Otinum is used in the treatment of acute catarrhal inflammations of the external auditory canal, middle ear and tympanic membrane. The drug has proven to be effective in treating diseases complicated by bacterial infection. Also, the use of Otinum is indicated before performing lavage of the external auditory canal.
When Otinum is used together with other analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agents, a pronounced increase in their action is observed.

It is not prescribed for hypersensitivity to salicylates, as well as other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is unacceptable to use drops for perforation of the tympanic membrane, as this can contribute to the spread of infection.
Does not reduce the ability to concentrate and does not reduce the speed of psychomotor reactions, therefore, the drug can be used to treat patients whose professional activities are associated with the need to drive vehicles or potentially dangerous mechanisms.

Not used in pediatrics.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
Due to the fact that the main active ingredient is choline salicylate, which poses a certain threat to fetal health, the drug is not used in the treatment of pregnant and lactating women.

Method of administration and dosage
Before using Otinum drops, it is recommended to pre-warm to body temperature. It is not recommended to use cold drops, as this can have a negative effect on the human vestibular apparatus. When injecting drops, it is desirable that the patient be in a lying position on his side or sitting with a tilted side in the opposite direction to the ear to be buried. After the introduction of the drops, the patient must maintain the initial position for several minutes, which will contribute to a better effect of the drug.
In the treatment of acute and otitis media, myringitis and otitis externa, the patient should receive 3 or 4 drops from 3 to 4 times a day, the duration of treatment is 10 days. For softening, before removing the sulfur plugs, the patient is injected with 3 or 4 drops of the drug 2 times a day for 4 days. When treating elderly patients suffering from impaired renal or liver function, the dosage regimen is not adjusted.

Overdose cases with local use have not been recorded. In case of accidental ingestion of drops inside, the patient should rinse the stomach and prescribe the intake of activated carbon.

Side effects
Sometimes, when using, patients complain of burning, itching and rashes in the external auditory canal. With prolonged treatment with the drug or perforation during the treatment of the tympanic membrane, a sharp decrease in hearing is possible.

Storage conditions and periods
Otinum should be stored in its original packaging in places that are protected from light penetration. The storage period for Otinum is 3 years.