Otipax (phenazone) ear drops 16 g. vial


Local symptomatic treatment of certain pain conditions of the middle ear with intact eardrum in children aged 1 month and adults with: otitis media in the acute period; phlyctenules viral otitis media (molegrips); barotraumatic otitis media.



Otipax composition and form of release
Available in ear drops. The drug contains – phenazone and lidocaine hydrochloride.

Pharmacological properties
Otipax has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and local analgesic effect.
The drug is intended for local use in otorhinolaryngology.

It is used for symptomatic treatment and relief of pain in children and adults (including newborns) during therapy

  • otitis media that has arisen against the background of the transferred flu;
  • acute otitis media;
  • barotraumatic otitis media.

It is not prescribed for patients with perforation of the tympanic membrane and hypersensitivity to phenazone or lidocaine hydrochloride. The use of Otipax with a damaged eardrum can cause the drug to come into contact with the organs of the middle ear, which can complicate the disease.
Also, the drug cannot be used by athletes before participating in competitions, since the substances included in Otipax can give a positive reaction when passing doping control.

It is used in pediatrics for children from 1 month.

Application for pregnancy and breastfeeding
It is possible to use in the therapy of pregnant women and women at the lactation stage only as directed by a doctor, provided the integrity of the eardrum and life-long indicators.

Method of administration and dosage
Before using Otipax, you must make sure that the eardrum is not damaged. Before the introduction of the drug, it is recommended to warm the bottle in your hands for several minutes: this will help to avoid the discomfort that occurs when a cold solution is injected into the ear canal.
The drug is administered into the external auditory canal in 3 or 4 drops from 2 to 3 times a day. The duration of the course of treatment, if there are no other recommendations, is 10 days.
Before using the drug, remove the protective cap from the vial and screw on a dropper. The next step is to turn the bottle upside down and place it exactly above the entrance to the ear canal. Now you need to click on the central part of the dropper. After use, screw the protective cap onto the dropper tightly and put the bottle in the package.

The drug has low adsorption, therefore, even with repeated administration of the drug into the ear canal for more than 4 drops, overdose symptoms are not observed.

Side effects
When used in some patients, local allergic reactions develop, manifested by burning, itching, peeling and redness of the external auditory canal.

Storage conditions and periods
Otipax should be stored away from light and out of the reach of children. The shelf life of drops is 5 years. Do not use the drug after the expiration of the storage period, even in emergency cases, as the use of expired drugs can cause significant harm to your health.