Otrivin Baby nasal drops 5 ml. №18


Symptomatic treatment of nasal congestion in colds, hay fever, other allergic rhinitis, sinusitis. To facilitate the outflow of secretions in diseases of the paranasal sinuses. Secondary therapy in cases of otitis media (to eliminate swelling of the mucous membrane). To facilitate rhinoscopy.

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Otrivin Baby composition
Otrivin Baby saline monodose is a sterile isotonic saline solution composed of 0.74% sodium chloride and purified water.

Pharmacological properties
Otrivin Baby drops for nasal cavity irrigation. The preparation contains sterile isotonic saline solution, the pH level of which is close to the natural secretory fluid of the nasal mucosa. In conditions of increased dryness or air pollution, when the baby’s nose is blocked from a runny nose or allergies, Otrivin Baby drops will be the best helper. An effective remedy that quickly and gently cleanses the nasal cavity, moisturizing the mucous membrane and facilitating the removal of mucus. Also, the remedy is recommended for use in acute and chronic colds of the nose and in allergic rhinitis. It softens and liquefies excess mucus, making it easier to remove, for example with the Otrivin Baby Nose Aspirator.

  • delicately cleanse the child’s nose with congestion during a cold or with allergic diseases;
  • moisturize the nasal mucosa if it is dry or irritated;
  • softens and liquefies nasal secretions and promotes their excretion.

Recommendations for use
Otrivin Baby nasal irrigation drops are suitable for babies, children and adults, helping to gently cleanse the nose and moisturize dry nostrils. The drug can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Due to its cleansing properties, Otrivin Baby saline monodose is ideal for use before other nasal medications.
Until about 6 months of age, babies breathe primarily through their nose. Therefore, nasal congestion makes it difficult for the child to breathe, eat and sleep. Until the child learns to blow his nose, it is important to help him clear the nose. The Otrivin Baby two-step nasal cleansing method has been developed specifically for this purpose:

  • STEP 1
    Softening and thinning mucus for easy removal from the nose. To do this, use Otrivin Baby drops from the common cold to irrigate the nasal cavity.
  • STEP 2
    Gently clean the baby’s nose with the Otrivin Baby nasal aspirator so that the baby can breathe freely again.

The solution does not contain preservatives and is therefore ideal for newborns and toddlers up to 1 year old, subject to consultation with a doctor.

Mode of application
Use a monodose of Otrivin Baby saline solution 2–4 times daily for each nostril.
Blow your nose or clear your nose. Remove one ampoule and remove the cap from it.
Tilt your head back and place the tip of the ampoule in the nostril.
Squeeze the ampoule gently until a few drops appear.
Repeat with the other nostril.
Wait a few seconds and then blow your nose or clear your nose with the Otrivin Baby nasal aspirator.
Close the ampoule by putting the cap on it.
Use the contents of the ampoule within 12 hours after opening.
To avoid spreading infection, each ampoule should only be used by one person.

The child’s sensitivity to any component of the drug. Otrivin Baby drops from the common cold for irrigation of the nasal cavity are intended exclusively for external use.

Storage conditions
Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use after the expiration date printed on the package.
Use the contents of the ampoule within 12 hours after opening.