Panzinorm 10000 (porcine pancreatin) capsules №21


Insufficiency of exocrine function of the pancreas in adults and children due to various diseases, including: mucoviscidosis, chronic pancreatitis pancreatectomy; gastroectomy; surgery with imposing gastrointestinal anastomosis (Billroth II gastroenterostomy); Schwachman -diamond syndrome; acute pancreatitis since the patient was transferred to enteral nutrition; other diseases accompanied by exocrine insufficiency of the pancreas.



Panzinorm 10000 composition
The active ingredient: porcine pancreatin (lipase activity – 10 thousand IU F., amylase activity – 7.2 thousand IU, total proteolytic activity – 400 IU).

Form of release                                                                                                                                                        Available in capsule form.

Panzinorm 10000 is a medicine that compensates for the lack of enzymes of a person’s own pancreas. The drug speeds up digestion. Its active enzymes are released from the capsule in the small intestine, where they are active.
It is used in case of insufficiency of the excretory function of the pancreas, caused by various diseases, including cystic fibrosis, pancreatectomy (removal of a part of the pancreas), gastrectomy (removal of a part of the stomach), acute pancreatitis (from the moment of starting feeding through the mouth), surgery with the imposition of a gastrointestinal fistula (gastroenterostomy Billroth II), chronic pancreatitis, underdevelopment of the gland (Schwachman-Diamond syndrome), other diseases.

Cannot be used for allergies to components, pork intolerance, as well as acute pancreatitis, incl. exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
Can be used with caution during these periods.

Method of administration and dosage
The dosage depends on the composition of the food, the degree of indigestion. It is recommended to take the capsule immediately after or with a meal. The capsule is swallowed whole with water. To make it easier to take the drug (in children, the elderly), the capsule can be opened, its contents can be added to liquid food that does not require chewing (mashed potatoes, grated apple or yogurt). This mixture should be taken immediately.
During treatment, it is important to drink enough fluid (its deficiency can cause constipation), especially during periods of high fluid loss.
General recommendations: the initial dose of the drug for children under 4 years of age is 1000 IU / kg; over 4 years old – 500 IU / kg at each meal. The maintenance dose should not be higher than 10,000 IU / kg per day or 4,000 IU per gram of fat consumed.

Overdose symptoms: vomiting, loosening of the stool, increased uric acid in the blood, its appearance in the urine (hyperuricemia and uricosuria), irritation around the anus.
In case of an overdose, the drug is canceled, hydration of the body (administration of fluids), symptomatic treatment is recommended.

Side effects
Immune system disorders (allergies, including rash, skin redness, sneezing, itching, hives, bronchospasm, lacrimation, airway obstruction, anaphylactic shock), digestive disorders (bloating, nausea, abdominal pain, stool changes) are possible.
In some cases (in patients with cystic fibrosis), taking the drug in high dosages (more than 10,000 IU / kg / day) can lead to the formation of strictures (narrowing of the lumen) of the large intestine or ileo-cecum. Impact on the results of laboratory tests: hyperuricosuria, hyperuricemia, folic acid deficiency.
In case of sudden pain, increased abdominal pain, as well as severe bloating (flatulence), an examination of the intestine should be performed to exclude the development of fibrous colonopathy.

Storage conditions and periods                                                                                                                                         Panzinorm 10000 must be stored in its original packaging to protect it from light and moisture. Optimum temperature: no higher than 25 ° C. The shelf life is three years.