Penciclovir-Fitofarm (penciclovir) cream 1% 5 g. tube


Penciclovir-Fitofarm is used to treat lip herpes.



Penciclovir-Fitofarm composition
One 1 g of cream in its composition contains the active ingredient: penciclovir 10 mg, as well as additional substances: white soft paraffin, dimethicone, mineral oil, propylene glycol, macrogol, cetostearyl alcohol, cetostearyl ether, titanium dioxide, acrylamide / sodium acryloyldimethyltaurate copolymer / polysorbate 80 and purified water.

Release form
The drug is produced in the form of a cream, white or almost white. In a cardboard box, one tube of 5 g.

Pharmacological properties
Penciclovir-Fitofarm belongs to antiviral drugs intended for external use in the treatment of herpes of the lips. The active component is penciclovir, its activity is expressed in action on in vivo and in vitro against human herpes viruses of types 1 and 2, including Varicella zoster, cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr viruses. It helps to block the multiplication of the virus, significantly reduce the healing time (even after the appearance of papule bubbles), and reduce pain.

Indications for use
Penciclovir-Fitofarm is used to treat lip herpes.

The drug is contraindicated for use in children with intolerance to the components that make up the composition.

The cream is not used for children under 12 years of age.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding period
The use of the drug during pregnancy and during lactation is possible after consulting a doctor and only if the benefits to the mother significantly outweigh the risk to the fetus or child.

Mode of application
Penciclovir-Fitofarm is intended for external use.
For adults and children over 12 years old, the cream should be applied to the affected area every 2 hours during the day.
The duration of treatment is usually 4 days. It is recommended to start treatment as early as possible, immediately after the first signs of infection develop.
Wash your hands before using the cream.

An overdose of the drug when applied topically is unlikely. Even if you use a whole package of cream, there will be no side effects, perhaps some irritation of the oral cavity, but still it is worth adhering to the recommended doses.

Adverse reactions
Adverse reactions during the use of the drug can manifest themselves in the form of general reactions and disorders at the site of application: hypesthesia, pain, hypersensitivity reactions, including urticaria, rash, itching, blisters, allergic dermatitis, swelling of the face and lips. Sometimes possible: tingling, burning and numbness in the area of ​​application of the cream. The drug contains cetostearyl alcohol, which can lead to local skin reactions such as contact dermatitis.
If the use of the drug has caused any negative reactions, consult a doctor.

Storage conditions
To store the drug, one should adhere to such simple conditions: temperature no more than + 25 ° С, closed packaging, inaccessibility to children. Cannot be frozen.
The shelf life is 36 months from the date of production.