Pepsan (guayazulene, dimethicone) soft capsules №30


Symptomatic treatment of functional disorders of the esophagus , stomach or duodenum, accompanied by pain.



Pepsan composition
The main active ingredients of the drug are guayazulene, dimethicone.
Auxiliary components – sorbitol, carrageenates, sodium cyclamate, peppermint oil, purified water, etc.

Release form
The capsules are soft.

Pharmacological properties
This Pepsan product belongs to the group of antacids and their combinations that are used to reduce gas production in the intestines.
Capable of protecting the gastroduodenal mucosa.
Dimethicone, which is the most common among therapeutic silicones, is used in gastroenterology to reduce flatulence, foaming, and has an enveloping and absorbing effect. Due to its antacid properties, dimethicone is able to protect the gastric mucosa.
Guayazulene has anti-inflammatory, regenerative and antioxidant properties. Produces an inhibitory effect on the release of histamine by mast cells of the gastric mucosa, inhibiting acid secretion. As a result, it produces an antacid effect.

This Pepsan drug is used to treat peptic ulcer pain and other pain in the stomach, intestines, and esophagus, regardless of origin, including hyperacidity, heartburn (reflux esophagitis).
Due to the fact that the drug does not contain sugar, it can be used if the patient suffers from diabetes mellitus.

Not applicable if the patient has hypersensitivity (allergy) to one of the components that make up the drug.
It is undesirable to use simultaneously with drugs that contain aluminum hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, since they reduce the antifoam effect of the drug.

It is not used in pediatrics under the age of 12 years.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
Not recommended for use in the treatment of pregnant women. Application is possible if the expected benefit for a woman from taking the drug is higher than the possible harm that can be caused to the fetus.
If there is a need to take this drug, then during treatment, lactation (breastfeeding) should be suspended.

Method of administration and dosage
Pepsan is taken by mouth (by mouth). In case of pain, adults take 1 capsule, washed down with water. Do not use more than 4 capsules per day. If symptoms persist for 10 days or worsen, or if pain is combined with fever or vomiting, consult a doctor. The duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician on an individual basis, and depends on the severity of the symptoms and the effectiveness of the drug.
It is undesirable to take it concurrently with other medications, since the simultaneous administration can inhibit their effect.

Overdose is unlikely due to poor absorption from the stomach of the substances that make up this drug.
In case of an overdose, urgent gastric lavage, intake of enterosorbents, and other symptomatic therapy are recommended.

Side effects
Treatment with this drug can cause a decrease in the amount of phosphorus in the blood.
If you have any unusual side effects as a result of taking this drug, you should consult your doctor about possible changes in the treatment regimen.

Storage conditions and periods
The shelf life of the drug is no more than 2 years from the production date indicated on the package.
Store in a dry place out of the reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.